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plantART Bespoke

plantART Bespoke’s market strengths and main purpose is to focus on the needs of manufacturing larger interior and outdoor grade artificial trees, palms and giant bamboo for its commercial client’s.  Also the R & D extension to plantART developing new and improved products which broaden the range of those which are fit for purpose.

In addition to specialising in hand-building large fake trees plantART Bespoke has an extensive portfolio of diverse and unique products on a grander scale such as enchanted forests, jungle vines, coloured and wacky trees, wood sculptures and wood art.  

Another extremely successful and popular product; are plantART Bespoke’s comprehensive and innovative range of artificial boxwood hedges, fake topiary figures, animals and ornamental faux boxwood topiary trees. Artificial boxwood topiary (buxus) hedge material is available in both inherently flame retardant (IFR) and UV stable to prevent fading and discolouration when subjected to direct sunlight.

plantART Bespoke during the product construction process take stage photographs which are sent through to the customer to ensure what we are producing is as expected. Once complete we provide a “walk around” video showing all angles. Acceptance and approval will allow the customer to sign off the order prior to despatch. Customers have found this exercise reassuring.